Bedroom Furniture For Kids

Look at our large selection of Polish kids furniture! 

Our kids furniture suitable both for toddlers and teens. You can find here something for all ages! Choose from cool cabin beds, to bunk beds, bedside tables, desks and bookcases; we have plenty of lovely designs, from bold block colors to more understated styles. Our kids furniture comes with a 12 month warranty as a standard, plus an extra 12 months warranty with our assembly service. Can't afford to pay for your kids furniture right now? Don't worry, we offer 0% interest finance plans when you spend over £250!

Why is it worth choosing the right furniture for a children's room?

Contrary to appearances, furniture for a child's room does not have to serve only for a moment. If you choose them in the right way, your child will enjoy them for many years. It is also worth choosing elements that can be easily arranged in your own way. This is a great way for your baby's room to grow and transform with him.

What kind of furniture for a child's room should I choose? The first important element will be the bed. In our offer you will find comfortable beds for children with mattresses that meet the needs of the young spine. DAKO also offers safe bunk beds. They are made of solid materials and equipped with rails, thanks to which you will not worry about your child. A bedside table and all kinds of wardrobes and wardrobes will also be a very useful element. We know how difficult it is sometimes to keep a children's room tidy. Therefore, you will find spacious storage boxes and shelves for children. For older children, we have a variety of desks that make it easier for them to focus on their studies.

For parents who want to immediately get a coherent set of furniture for their children's room, we have specially designed sets. There you will find perfectly coordinated items such as wardrobes, desks, shelves, and beds. They keep a consistent color scheme that will appeal to both boys and girls. Importantly, you do not necessarily have to choose a classic bed. In DAKO you will also find folding children's sofas. It is a very functional piece of furniture that will serve your child both at night and during the day. This is a very good solution, especially for older children who invite friends to their house.

Furniture for a child's room from DAKO ensures that your child will have a pleasant, comfortable room that will bring him great joy.

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