Wooden garden furniture

Create a magical space in your garden with Dako Home wooden furniture. These are the best pieces of furniture to find your style and connect it to nature. Look at our wide range of offers and choose what’s the best for your home.

Wooden outdoor furniture

You have to know that Polish wooden furniture is the best on the market. We have great access to the highest quality materials and a long tradition of making the perfect wooden furniture. Our outdoor sets are solid and resistant to weather conditions. They will serve you well for many years.

Comfortable wooden furniture allows you to spend time outside and relax alone, or with your closest ones. In our offer, you will find beautiful seating and benches. They look really amazing when they’re surrounded by flowers, grass, and trees. You can fill them with cushions in your favourite colours. Everything looks great with wood!

Swings and planters made of wood

Your garden will look fantastic when it is filled with wooden planters. They are made to be around nature. It looks natural and elegant at the same time. They are also the most friendly to plants and the environment in general. In our online store, you can find different shapes of wooden planters. There are small square and rectangle planters, for example. Very popular are also large wooden flower pots for little trees and impressive flowers.

Every garden looks beautiful with wooden swings. It is great furniture not only to design a beautiful space but also to have joy from spending time outside. Wooden swings are the perfect idea for kids to play safe and enjoy their free time. And when it is too hot and sunny, it is good to have a wooden arbour to hide. It is a pleasure to find a nice shaded place during summer.

Enjoy spending time in your garden more than ever with wonderful wooden furniture from Dako Home. Choose nature, safety and beauty at the same time, and give your plants appropriate companions.

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