Other functional furniture and decorative elements

A bed, table, chairs or a wardrobe are pieces of furniture that are simply obvious to buy for a new flat. However, there are other furniture and decorative elements that are not so obvious to purchase. Without a doubt, however, their presence in your flat will give it the final touch.

Small details in the flat

Wall colours, the arrangement of your dream furniture - all this has an impact on the final appearance of your flat. However, other additional elements of the decor are often the most influential. Sometimes the finishing touch may, for example, give your space a natural character, and you can create your own green oasis. And that doesn't necessarily mean having a garden - adding a few potted plants is the easiest trick.

Another simple trick may be to add a simple, but functional piece of furniture, such as a shoe shelf, or other utility accessories, such as a wine rack. There are many possibilities, and it all depends on your imagination.


The devil is in the details

What accessories you will use, and what size they will be, should largely depend on the size of your flat and its character. If you want a natural look, you should choose accessories made of smooth, solid wood. They will also bring a little warmth to your flat. Another advantage of other furniture and decorative elements made this way is their simplicity, because at any time with a bit of fantasy and manual skills you can change an ordinary object into something original.

Functional but not boring - other furniture pieces

Sometimes, with one addition or change of one element to the other, you can influence the perception of the entire room. At Dakohome you will find accessories for every room in your home. A laundry basket made of raw pine wood available in our store will perfectly match almost any type of decor. Our assortment also includes a huge selection of wooden pots of various sizes and shapes. Green accents in your flat will not only enliven the surroundings, but can also protect you from the prying eyes of your neighbours.


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