Garden Furniture Sets

Get to know our garden furniture proposals!

This is a one-of-a-kind combination that will make your rest take on a new quality. Our garden furniture will make your surroundings beautiful and comfortable. Remember that our garden furniture comes with a 12 month warranty standard, plus an extra 12 months warranty when using our assembly service. Can't afford to pay for your garden furniture right now? Don't worry, we offer 0% interest finance plans when you spend over £250!

Nothing beats lounging in the garden on a hot, summer day, so why not give your garden a refresh with our Polish garden furniture? We have a great selection of wooden outdoor seats and benches, rattan dining sets and outdoor corner sofas to create a sociable and comfortable seating area that the whole family can enjoy.

As already mentioned, our garden furniture is divided into three categories. The first is wooden garden furniture. It is furniture made of high-quality wood. They are characterized by high durability and resistance to various weather conditions. They are perfect for people who value natural and durable solutions in the garden or on the terrace. Among this type of furniture you will find deckchairs, chairs, and swings. In DAKO you will also provide yourself with beautiful wooden pots.

Customize garden furniture to your needs with DAKO

Rattan garden furniture is a great choice for people who value comfort and functionality. In our collection you will find not only classic tables and chairs, but also very comfortable deckchairs. For people who love accessories, we also offer a variety of pillows, thanks to which your garden or terrace will gain a unique character. In DAKO you will also find special rattan sofas and beautiful swings. But that's not all! If you want to protect your furniture from bad weather, you should also obtain appropriate garden furniture covers.

For those who focus on modernity, we have unique outdoor fabric furniture. These are unique sets that everyone will envy you. You will find there both bar furniture and tables with chairs. For people who want to relax, sofas and deckchairs will be perfect.

Are you dreaming of beautiful wooden decorations for your home or garden? 

You hit the jackpot! In this section you will find wooden decorative accessories that will help you arrange your space better. Each element that you can find here has been made of the highest quality wood. After proper impregnation, these items will serve you for many years. At the same time, they will be resistant to changing weather! See how quickly you can beautify your surroundings!

Wooden accessories for your home, garden, terrace

We present a great collection in which you will find wooden accessories for your home, garden, or terrace. This is a unique set of items that will give your interior more life. All elements included in this offer are kept in friendly, bright colors. Thanks to this, the rooms will become brighter and cozier. In this catalog you will find rectangular flower pots of various lengths. For those who prefer rather regular shapes, we also have square pots, also made of wood.

If you want to introduce a bit more nature into the rooms inside the house, not necessarily by planting flowers there, choose other interesting proposals at DAKO. One of them is a wooden wine rack. Thanks to it, your wine cellar will look aesthetically and you will be able to keep order among your favorite drinks. Another suggestion is a wooden laundry basket. It is much more solid than its plastic counterparts. In addition, its bright color will help you optically enlarge the bathroom. At DAKO, we also have a wooden shoe rack at our disposal. It is easy to keep clean. At the same time, it does not overwhelm the interior like, for example, massive shoe cabinets. Its use is very comfortable, and the material from which it is made is extremely durable.

Wooden home accessories are not only a matter of aesthetics, but also care for nature. Choose what's best for your surroundings.

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