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How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Bedroom

How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Bedroom























Are you feeling limited and uninspired by the space available in your bedroom? We completely understand. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to arrange furniture in a small bedroom, to help get the most out of your space.

For most of us, we have a few staple items that need to be in our bedroom, plus we require bedroom storage space for essentials like clothes and other belongings. You may feel like you are restricted with options if you have a small bedroom, but we’ve got some advice below which will ensure that you’re using your space in the best way possible.



We all need one, and it is more often than not, the largest item in the bedroom. Therefore, by deciding on where the bed should be placed first, it makes it easier to arrange the smaller furniture items within the rest of the space available.

Start by placing your bed on the most practical wall. This is often either opposite the entrance to the room, or on the longest wall in the room, where there are no other obstacles like radiators or doors. 



It’s your choice whether to put the bed in the centre of the wall, or to the edge. Keep in mind that by not centring the bed, although this may create the illusion of more floor space, it may make it difficult for someone getting in and out of bed. Also be aware of any plug sockets that you may be blocking when choosing where to put your bed.



Symmetry can help to make a bedroom feel more spacious, as it opens up the room.

If you opt for placing your bed in the centre of the largest wall, you should be able to place bedside tables either side which creates both symmetry and storage. It creates easy access to both sides of the bed; which if anything, means it’s easier to make the bed in the morning! 



Creating symmetry and space around your bed, means that if two people are using the bed, it isn’t difficult to get in and out if you go to sleep and wake up at different times. It will also allow you to walk around the bed which is good for flow within the room.

A flow in your room is important for making a small bedroom feel a lot bigger, and symmetry can be a really clever way to achieve this.



In a small bedroom with limited floor space, you can’t create space horizontally, however you can certainly use your space vertically in creative ways.

A bed with integrated storage space or that lift to reveal storage space, means the floor space is being used for multiple purposes. Although the bed is taking up a large amount of room space, if you are using it for more than one purpose, then it means less stress trying to fit more furniture into your room for those additional purposes.

You can also hang a clothes rail at height to sit over a chest of drawers, for extra clothing storage. The roof is the limit and by thinking creatively about your vertical space, you can really transform a small bedroom. 

If you require assistance with assembling your furniture, at Dako home we offer an assembly service, which will take away the hassle of trying to build any items of furniture yourself.



Walls are also a fantastic area to make use of when arranging your furniture in a small bedroom. 

If you have bedside tables around your bed, add a light fixture to the wall rather than on top of your bedside table. This will free up the tabletop space for other uses like storage, or simply create more of an open feeling in the room.

You could replace cupboards than would be on the floor with wall shelves, to create more floor space or for other furniture items. Wall shelves placed above bed headboards is a trend that has picked up recently, which saves space, adds storage and creates a cosy feeling in a bedroom.



Don’t overcomplicate the layout of the room or try to fit too much in; especially if you won’t make the most of the furniture being there.

Quite often, less is more, so if you don’t need double items of furniture, like two bedside tables for example, then lose one. If you think that you could make better use of the space then choose the items that you know you will make good use of.

For example, if you know you won’t fill two bedside tables. Only have one, alter the position of the bed and the table, and make more space for a set of drawers or a wardrobe, which you may make better use of.



When you’re arranging furniture, take extra care not to block any windows or sources of light. 

Small bedrooms feel more spacious and airy when they are well-lit, so make the most of any light coming in through windows and avoid blocking them with any furniture.

Make use of tabletops or chest of drawers if you have them, to add light sources like lamps or candles, for an extra cosy feeling in the room.

Remember, a small bedroom doesn’t mean that you are restricted; it’s all about thinking carefully and creatively when you are arranging your furniture. 

If you need help or assistance with choosing furniture for a smaller bedroom, contact our customer service team today. Either call, email or fill out our contact form here.

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