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Dining Table Features Guide

Dining Table Features Guide


















A dining table can be one of the more expensive pieces of furniture that you purchase. It can also be the centrepiece of a busy home. Therefore it’s important to know your options so that you can choose the best table for you and your family.

From wooden to glossy, extending to fixed size, learn more about dining table features and find the best table for you in our handy buying guide.


Quite often, the space you have available in a room will help guide you to the best shaped table to suit your space. However, it’s worthwhile finding out the various options available to you.


Our most popular shaped dining table, and probably the most common table shape out there.

Rectangular tables are very versatile and are easy to fit into most rooms; with most spaces where dining tables are placed being rectangular too. They offer plenty of table top surface space, whilst also opening up the room. 

With such a classic design in numerous finishes, it is no surprise that rectangle tables are a popular choice in many homes.


Similarly, square tables are also a very popular choice of dining table shape. 

This shape of table is sometimes better suited to smaller families, as the smaller size reduces the number of chairs that are able to fit around the table.

That said, they still provide the versatility in the same way as rectangular tables. However, square tables are slightly easier to move around a room if you use the room for multiple purposes; for example a kitchen diner, or lounge diner area.


Round or oval tables are really good for maximising your space, as they offer flexibility with seating arrangements. This makes them a great option for socialising.

Perfect for if you have more guests for dinner, as it’s easy to add in extra chairs without placing anyone on a sharp table corner.

Round tables do however tend to lend themselves to a larger dining room, as you are less able to push them up towards a wall edge, compared to the other shapes available.

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When choosing a dining table, you should consider its use and how many people you think will be sitting around it. This will help to decide on the best type of base for you. 

If you often have a lot of people sitting at the table, it’s not ideal for someone to be squashed up against the table leg.

In general, there are four main types of base styles available:

Four Even Legs

A sturdy and popular dining table base. Four even legs aren’t supposed to wobble, so they are best placed in rooms with a flat and even floor. 

They also provide enough leg room for everyone sitting at the table. 


A pedestal style dining table typically has one single leg in the middle to support the table. 

The perfect base for if you’re impartial to throwing dinner parties or social events, as it provides slightly more leg space for everyone around the table.


This type of dining table base is normally found on larger sized dining tables, so as to spread the weight of the table top.

Again, this type of base is great for if you have lots of people around the dining table, as it allows for lots of legroom for each guest.


A trestle style base is similar to that of a traditional picnic bench table; with two sets of crossed legs, connected with a beam in the middle.

This style is very popular amongst country-style kitchens and dining rooms. To add to that styling, people often pair with one or two bench seats to enhance the authenticity of this style in their home.


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As mentioned, the size of your room will hugely influence the type and style of dining table you choose to buy.

If you are looking to save space but would like to have the option of a bigger dining table, then extendable dining tables may be a good option.

Our Desjo 40 table pictured above extends from 150-200cm wide. Providing seating for 6 or up to 8 people comfortably around the table, depending on the occasion.

Extendable tables are perfect for flexibility and if you have different numbers of people needing to be sat around the table for different occasions or events.


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Your choice of material will largely depend on the style of your home and aesthetic that you are aiming for. The most popular dining table materials can be seen below:


Wooden dining tables are a classic and popular choice due to their longevity and robustness.

It is also often chosen for homes with a neutral or country-feel styling, to emphasise the feeling of natural and authentic colour schemes.

A little wear and tear is nothing to worry about with a wooden table. It adds to the character and naturalistic elements of the dining table.


A very on-trend style material, which lends itself to a more modern furnishing style.

They are robust enough to withstand wear and tear, although they may be prone to scratches. 


Glass is a very versatile material and the reflective surfaces can help give the impression of a light and spacious room.

Glass dining tables are tempered to resist heat and scratches so that they are fit for purpose. 

However, marks and dust are a lot easier to see on a glass table, especially in direct sunlight. So the positioning of a glass table and how often you can clean it, may be crucial to the enjoyment you get out of this piece of furniture.


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