Wardrobe TENUS T SZ2D

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Part of the Tenus T Living and Bedroom Collection, our Tenus T Wardrobe has teriffic hanging and shelving storage for all your bedroom needs.

Dimensions: W:80cm / H:193cm / D:50cm

Weight: 70 kg

Warranty: 24 months

Packaging: Flat Packed, Self-Assembly Required

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Wardrobe  TENUS




♦  6ft 3ins tall wardrobe
♦  1 hanging rail
♦  Shelf storage too
♦  Sleek, minimalist look
♦  Quality 16mm laminated chipboard



Dimensions: Width:80cm / Hight:193cm / Depth:50cm

Weight: 70 kg

Warranty: 24 months


At over 6ft 3 inches, tall, our Tenus T Wardrobe has one half as a ganging rail and the other as shelving storage. So you can store all your long stuff – whether it for coats or dresses, suits or trousers, plus you’ll have bags of room for tops and t-shirts, shoes and blankets. It’s terrific colourful value for money.

Quality is just who we are. It’s just part of us, part of our make-up. We don’t compromise on it in our own lives, so we make sure that our quality is of the highest standard for you.

Think beyond the bedroom. What about your hallway or walk-in closet: it’s versatile so it has more than one place it could go in your home.

Maximise your floorspace. Built your storage upwards so you have more room on your floor.

Buy more, save more. The more you buy the bigger the discount as you save as it’s flatpacked. So we pass on the savings we make to you. 

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