STAGRA available fabrics



CAYENNE - Eco Leather 
The Cayenne Eco Leather fabric is a thin but durable material, it has a thin layer of instep from back, which further strengthens the skin. The surface is smooth, pleasant to the touch, with a fine and delicate structure, which makes leather imitate natural leather. Looks great on furniture used in offices, kitchen, living room or bar.

Upholstery fabric with a weave imitating natural linen fabric.
Simple and strong weaving makes Inari an ideal material for everyday use, matching furniture with simple forms and headboards.


Upholstery fabrics from the Power collection are fabrics that are very pleasant to the touch, reminiscent of a fleece fabric with a light nap. The material is very easy to care for. The fabric is made in the MAXI CLEAN technology limiting the absorption of liquid. In the case of spilled liquid, its drops accumulate on the surface of the fabric. Wipe the dirty place with a cloth, and the most difficult stain to remove will disappear without a trace. 
The material is ideal for upholstered furniture, bedspreads, blankets, curtains and cushions.





ICON fabric has a finish based on nanoparticles, the composition of which effectively blocks the penetration of dirt. This allows you to remove even difficult stains without the use of cleaning agents. Easy Clean technology helps remove stains only with water or soap and water. Thanks to this, you will easily remove stains from ketchup, coffee, and a pen.


This fabric is characterized by very high abrasion resistance, as well as high elasticity and softness to the touch. Modern colors and 3D structure mean that the fabric can be used in all types of interior.


COLLECT SPILLED FLUIDS IN A FEW SECONDS! Spilled Coffee? Put a paper towel and ... it's ready! Thanks to the unique layer on the fabric, the spilled fluid stops at the surface and does not penetrate deep into the fibers. Thanks to this, it is enough to put a paper towel that will absorb the liquid. Simple, right?


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