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Kids Room

Kids / Youth Room


We offer a large selection of kids/youth furniture. On our website you will find furniture for the young children as well as teenagers. This is thanks to the large variation of designs and colours of our furniture. Some systems also include themes e.g. motocross or fashion. 

Create a beautiful interior for your child. In our rich offer, you will find functional furniture both for the youngest ones – with a baby crib and a changing station, as well as for teenagers. A mezzanine bed, colorful fairy tale style shelves, practical learning desks, or spacious wardrobes – our furniture for kids and teenagers is a vast number of different shapes and colors to choose from. Go through our suggestions together, as a whole family. With us, you will arrange a fantastic room! To make an interior functional, one has to divide it into three areas:  the learning area (which means it will have a desk, school supplies, shelves and cases for books and notebooks),  the play area (where shelves, cabinets and toy chests will be useful),  the resting area (a bed and a night stand with a lamp). The child’s kingdom should always be filled with happy, peaceful and lighthearted vibes, which can be created with a bright arrangement. The walls will look especially good decorated with natural colors: classic white and pastels, such as sunny beige, powder rouge, green and soft blue. A room exposed to the north will work great with bright furniture. It will add more space to the interior and fill it with light. The southern room have walls painted with stronger colors, but the bed, the wardrobe or the desk should actually be in more peaceful tones. Furniture for kids and teenagers that we have to offer were carefully made out of good quality materials. We took care of pleasant aesthetics and details. The mechanisms inside wardrobes, desks or drawers work swiftly and smoothly, and interesting technical solution make using the furniture very pleasant. Little girls will be very happy with a set of furniture that has things like Minnie Mouse on it, or other lovely little furniture in pink or violet colors. Teenagers, on the other hand, will enjoy more adult furniture – in toned-down colors, but still standing out with a fresh, modern design. You will find it here at very attractive prices! You can be sure that we’ll do everything to make our furniture for kids and teenagers very enjoyable for its users!