Chest of Drawers TENUS T K4SZ

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Part of the Tenus T Living and Bedroom Collection, our Tenus T Chest of Drawers has 4-drawers with metal runners in a distinctive wave pattern.

Dimensions: W:80cm / H:83cm /  D:40cm

Weight: 34 kg

Warranty: 24 months 

Packaging: Flat Packed, Self-Assembly Required

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1 - 4 weeks

Chest of Drawers TENUS




♦  4-drawer chest of drawers

♦  Distinctive wavy design

♦  Metal drawer runners

♦  2-tone colours with self-coloured handles

♦  Sleek, minimalist look

♦  Quality 16mm laminated chipboard


Dimensions: Width:80cm / Hight:83cm /  Depth:40cm

Weight: 34 kg

Warranty: 24 months 


Wave goodbye to dull storage. Our Tenus T Chest of Drawers has a distinctive two-tone wave pattern which gives it a unique design. Plus it has self-coloured handles and metal drawer runners, so it will beautifully simple and simply beautiful.

Our concern is quality not quantity. Some manufacturers get that the wrong way round. They’re all about volume without the care. At Dako we put as much pride and professionalism into the first piece as the last, no matter how long it takes.

Glide not grate. There’s nothing worse than a scraping or screeching sound of a squeaky drawer. So all ours have metal runners so they slide open and closed almost silently.

It suits almost any room. So you’re spoilt for choice. With so many options, why not buy more than one.

Save it yourself with DIY. Just view it as us paying you to put it together: that’s the super discount you get over the fully assembled version.

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