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Cabinet TEBOS R2D50

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Part of the Tebos Living and Bedroom Collection, our Tebos Cabinet has double cupboard storage, plus double shelving all in a tall unit.

Dimensions: W:50cm / H:193cm / D:40cm

Weight: 41 kg

Warranty: 24 Months 

Packaging: Flat Packed, Self-Assembly Required

Delivery* within 1-4 weeks

Cabinet TEBOS




♦  Cupboard space above and below,

♦  2 open display space

♦  Sleek, minimalist look

♦  Quality 16mm laminated chipboard


Dimensions: Width:50cm / Hight:193cm / Depth:40cm

Weight: 41 kg

Warranty: 24 Months


Why decide between cupboard space and open display shelving space? Our Tebos Cabinet has both. And all in a snazzy two-tone colour in a tall unit that saves floorspace, wherever you put it in your home.

We never compromise on quality, so you don’t have to. We set our standards high. The quality bar is set at a great level. So we’re never satisfied and continue to look to see if we can make the best even better.

Go on, put them in more than one room. You like the look, so why only have it once in your home. Put it in more than one room so your home looks even better.

Make space on your floor for other things. Floorspace is precious. So maximise it by building upwards for your storage.

Save in a day. A bit of DIY saves a lot of pay. So you get a super saving which gives you more money left to spend on things to fill it with.



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