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Top Tips To Keep Your Living Room Tidy

Top Tips To Keep Your Living Room Tidy


















The name ‘Living room’ makes it quite clear that this room is the most ‘lived in’ of the whole house.

Due to the number of people and activities that happen in our living rooms, it can easily become cluttered in a matter of no time.

We’ve got some top tips to keep your living room tidy below, which will help you to keep your lounge clutter free.



The living room is a multi-function room; meaning there are lots of things that live inside of it. 

If everything has a specific place to live or be stored in, it makes tidying up a lot quicker and easier. Then when you come to look for something in future, everyone knows where it can be found too.

Remote controls, wires and game consoles can all clutter your living space. We’ve got a wide range of TV units which are perfect for hiding wires and keeping everything in one place. 



We recommend our Verto TV Unit, which not only has the space for your media consoles, but also has generous cupboards and drawer space for hiding away remotes and other tech items. Great for if you need to tidy up quickly for any unexpected visitors! 

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Make some time at the end of the day to reset the room and put everything back in its place. 

Now that everything has a ‘home’, dedicate a bit of time to clear the room at the end of each day's activities. 

It is much easier to keep on top of your tidying away for the day and gives more space for the following day's plans. Keeping on top of this means tidying up is done little but often, and will cut down on your overall tidying up time.

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When choosing furniture, look out for items with extra storage for more space to keep your belongings.



You can never have too much storage space - especially if it doubles up as a piece of furniture.

Our super stylish and high quality Oviedo Coffee Table is a perfect multi-purpose item of furniture for your lounge. It has a small cupboard and an extra area for a storage basket to keep your living room tidy. Compared to an average coffee table, this provides you with extra space to keep your belongings, which would still take up the same amount of floor space in your lounge.

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Divide up your living room into appropriate areas for the different things that you and your family do in your living space. 

Have a specific area for toys, a space for reading or watching TV and any other popular activities that you do in your home. By dividing your room into these ‘zones’, not only does it define the space, but it will also help with tidying up the whole room a lot quicker. Especially as everyone can be responsible for their own areas - get the kids involved with tidying their toy zone!



Living room furniture can also be used to help break up the space in a room. An armchair or bookcase for a relaxing reading area, or a rug and coffee table for the social space. 



Often walls are used for decorative items such as feature mirrors or artwork which really add personality to your room. However, walls are often forgotten about as an extra area for storage.


Make use of unused wall space with some beautiful but practical wall panels, like our Country Display Cabinet. Giving extra storage space with the hidden cupboards and the display area for ornaments; it gives the best of both worlds for your living room. 

Wall shelves are also a popular choice for adding more storage space to your lounge and make use of wall space. Our Finezja Wall Shelf helps to lift items off the ground and make your living room look a lot more spacious. 


We hope that you have found our tips for keeping your living room tidy useful and can take some inspiration from our suggestions. Take a look at our full living room range to get more inspiration.

If you need help or assistance with choosing furniture for your living room, contact our customer service team today. Either call, email or fill out our contact form here.

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