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10 Small Living Room Ideas To Make Your Room Look Bigger

10 Small Living Room Ideas To Make Your Room Look Bigger






















A small living room which feels cramped and cluttered isn’t a place where many people would feel relaxed or want to spend their free time. This room is undoubtedly the most lived in of the entire house, so it’s important that you make the most of the space available; especially if it is a smaller sized room.

From simple changes to what you already have, to new additions that will instantly make your small living room look and feel more spacious; here are 10 ideas that you can try to make your living room feel bigger.

1. Use Light or Contrast Colours

It’s no secret that lighter colours will open up any room in the house. That said, white and lighter colour palettes are not your only option for opening up a room.

By introducing deep, dark and rich shades, either with furniture or when decorating, you are creating contrast. Contrast creates a feeling of depth and the illusion of a larger space; so don’t shy away from pairing your white or neutral walls with coloured furniture and vice versa.

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2. Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Many pieces of furniture have dual-purposes which can help to save on space in a small room.

Some soft furnishings like sofas, now have integrated storage space for example sofa beds with space for bedding, or a sofa with a small shelf to substitute for a coffee table.

If your belongings are tucked awaying in a designated spot, you eliminate clutter and create more space within the room.

For those who love DIY, a self-made window seat is not only Pinterest-worthy, but can also generate additional space for things that could typically make a room look untidy; like TV remotes, magazines and games.

3. Hang Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

If you enjoy the aesthetic that curtains bring to your living room, try this trick...

Place the rail as close to the ceiling as possible, and opt for long curtains that sweep all the way down to the floor. Try also keeping the curtain panels outside of the window frame. 

Long curtains, outside of the window frame, will make the room appear taller and your windows bigger.

4. Use A Few Larger Pieces Of Furniture and Accents, Rather Than Many Smaller Items

Despite having a smaller sized room, don’t be afraid of using bigger pieces of furniture. One bigger item usually means that it replaces a number of smaller items and opens up the space. For example, a large set of drawers could replace a bookshelf and smaller cabinets.

In terms of accents and decoration, smaller items can quickly make a room feel overcrowded. Therefore, limit decor to groups of 3 or 5 and aim for symmetry when styling on surfaces. That said, not every surface needs decor accents and styling - make sure you let your room breathe. 

5. Add Footstools

Footstools can be used in a few ways which will help to make some extra space in your small living room.

Use your space wisely and use footstools to replace traditional coffee tables. They can be topped with a tray to hold decorative books and flowers, or they could be used as extra seating which can be easily moved around the room to suit you.

Your living room can double or triple up on different duties, especially when guests visit. Therefore, these Footstool tips will certainly make great use of your space when your room gets a little busier.

 6. Buy Furniture With Exposed Legs

Chairs and sofas where the fabric touches the floor can sometimes make a smaller living room feel quite boxy. 

Opting for furniture with exposed legs with some space between the seat and the floor, creates the illusion of extra room and airiness.

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7. Place Mirrors On Dark Walls

Hang mirrors on walls that don’t get much light. This will allow for natural light to bounce into the room from windows; creating the illusion of more of a light and airy space.

Sometimes we don’t necessarily think about light sources when we place mirrors; so take a look at mirrors that you have already hung. Think about the darkest area of your living room and where light comes into your room; this is normally a great place to hang a decorative mirror to reflect the light and open up the room.

8. Rethink Your Coffee Table

Rethink using one large coffee table that may take up a lot  of space in your living room. Instead, use two smaller tables in different areas of the room. 

Smaller tables are better for flow of traffic in the room. They can also be easily moved around if you need to adjust the space quickly.

9. Bring Furniture Away From The Walls

In a smaller living room, it may be tempting to push all furniture right up against the wall. However, although it may create slightly more floor space, lots of empty space in the middle of a room may not actually be worthwhile.

Bringing furniture away from the walls, even just a few inches, can help to create airiness and openness within the room.

With furniture closer together you can create intimate conversation areas, whilst also feeling cosy and bringing the room together as a whole. If you are unable to pass the remote from one chair to another, or can’t reach the coffee table to put your drink down, then you may benefit from rethinking the layout of your furniture.

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10. Use Your Walls

If you are short on floor space, take advantage of the free wall space as much as possible. Lifting things up off the ground will quickly create more space and open up the room; as the floor will harbour less bulky furniture and clutter.

Wall shelves placed up high for plants and ornaments will draw the eye up and make ceilings feel like they are taller. More floor space automatically makes the room look bigger, as you can see more of it. Therefore, lifting things off the ground helps to enhance the size of the room.


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