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How To Choose The Best Dining Table For You

How To Choose The Best Dining Table For You























Some pieces of furniture are not only a staple within the home, they can also take a lot of consideration. As somewhere where your whole family comes together for meal times and special occasions; a dining room table can be considered one of these purchases.

Whether you are decorating a new dining room, furnishing your existing dining room, or need a dining table for a multi-use area; it’s a decision that is important to get right.

We think there are some important factors to consider when you are deciding on the best dining table for you and your needs.

Where will your table be going?

There are a lot of choices out there, so before looking at your options; first think about the room in which your table will be placed. 

Do you have a dedicated dining room or large kitchen where the table could be a focus point? Or do you have a smaller dining space or need to fit your dining table into an open plan kitchen-diner? 

What space is available for your table and how do you intend to use it? 

Is it for formal dinners and special occasions, or is it your day to day eating, socialising and working space for the whole family?

Thinking about these practicalities in the first instance should help to give you a better idea of the size and style table that would suit your needs.

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How many people need a space at the table?

With how you will be using your table in mind; you should think about the number of people who will be sitting at the table in each of the scenarios that you intend to use it for. 

The most important number of seats would be for those that live within the household, as they would probably use the table the most for meal times and day to day activities; so that number would be a minimum number of seats needed.

If you are a sociable household and enjoy entertaining, how many people would you plan to host for? This could influence both the number of seats or size of your table, but also the shape; as some shapes are easier to fit extra chairs around than others. 

Alternatively, if you need the best of both worlds, you could opt for an extendable dining table like our Extendable Desjo table for day to day space saving, with the option of more seats for visitors. 

As a side note, pay attention to the table support. Each style, be it a pedestal, trestle or traditional leg support can impact the number of people that you can comfortably fit around the table.

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Consider your personal and room style

Dining tables should be a lasting piece of furniture, so it’s important to consider both the quality of the materials used and also the style. 

As both a bigger product and investment when furnishing your home, you want the product to last and be used for years to come. High quality materials stand a much better chance of lasting those every day chair leg bumps and accidental spillages!

You also need to consider the style and be mindful of lasting trends; you don’t want to go for the latest trend for it to then not be your style after a year or so. You will ideally have a vision for the style of your room, which your table should then fit into. 

Are you a minimalist who likes a clean look? In which case, a White Gloss Table could be a great option for you. Or do you prefer more of farmhouse style like our Extendable Country Dining Table, with rustic wood and character? 

Consider all options here so that your room is exactly the way you want it to feel and stands the test of time!

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If you need help or assistance with choosing the best dining table for you, our customer service team are on hand to help. Either call, email or fill out our contact form here.


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