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Choosing Furniture for your Kids Bedroom

Choosing Furniture for your Kids Bedroom


















Creating a unique and comfortable space for your children is all part of their development; so it’s important to consider how to furnish their bedroom to make it their own space. We’ll be looking at things that should be considered and the different options available when choosing kids bedroom furniture.


When we become adults, we tend to forget the importance of a bedroom and how, to a younger person; this is their own safe space. A place that they can call their own, which they cherish as somewhere that they have some independence, and where they can get lost in all of their imaginative adventures.

That said, as adults making the ultimate decisions, we must think about combining those elements whilst considering the practicalities too. Decorating and furnishing your child's bedroom can be lots of fun, but you must remember the functional things too; from space-saving to storage, there’s certainly a lot to keep in mind.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve given some inspiration below on things to consider when choosing furniture for your kids bedroom to help with what can be a huge decision.


It’s probably fair to say that kids furniture can really be put to the test; it needs to be strong, sturdy and durable to withstand the energy that kids can give off. Quality and warranties can be a good indication of how well the furniture can withstand the knocks and bumps they may encounter. All Dako furniture comes with a 12 month warranty, and if you need some help with the assembly of your furniture, we will extend this to 24 months! High quality furniture means it is more likely to be passed down and reused in younger siblings' bedrooms; meaning better value for money.

First of all, and potentially most importantly, your child will need a comfortable place for dream building and a restful night's sleep. How well you sleep depends on the quality of the bed and mattress you’re sleeping on; so it’s important to get this right! From single beds, to bunk beds with storage; the perfect bed depends on the age of your child and how long you plan on using the same bed frame for, but we cater for all in our range of kids beds!

Considering other furniture, if a bedroom is too cramped then it can make it harder to facilitate some activities that are important for a child’s development, so it’s really important to choose wisely! It needs careful consideration, so that the furniture is not obstructing or limiting how a child wants to learn and play. 

Ultimately, the furniture you choose to put into your child’s bedroom will depend on a few factors, including their age, space available, size, material, style and budget. We recommend considering the main things you need from your new furniture; do you need more space for clothes, more storage for toys, an area for downtime or a desk? This will give you an indication of the larger items that are a must, and the other items that you could look to buy in future as your child grows.

There are also options that combine a few of the above factors, for example we have some fabulous bunk bed options, which also incorporate a desk, or two single beds for a shared bedroom. 

Take a look at all of our Bunk Bed range here.


Children tend to have a lot of belongings, which need to be stored away well to give them the space to play with them; that’s where our storage and space saving solutions come in!

We have lots of different options available for combining storage with practicality! Our super stylish, high quality cabinets are great for the older children and teens, or a smaller piece like a storage box is great for younger children to store books and toys!

If you’re tight on space, why not consider a bed with integrated storage? Our ULTIMO U7 and Single GUMI beds are both great options for a haven of toy storage by day, and a comfortable night’s sleep by night!

The main thing is, storage doesn’t need to be boring, or impractical! With colourful options in each of our ranges, they can bring pops of colour and provide somewhere trendy to keep kid’s belongings stashed safely away! 


Possibly the most ‘fun’ part - choosing the right furniture to suit the style of your children! What look are you trying to achieve overall; bright? Girly? Natural? You can really experiment with your chosen furniture and pick items most suited to their little characters!

See below for a few of our ideas that should give you some inspiration:

- Playful and Fun - if your child loves to play, then why not emphasise that in their own space? Adding a bunk bed will create more play space, paired with some colorful bookshelves or cabinets; the toys are easy to access too!

- Trendy and Modern - maybe for the more grown up children who are conscious of their style; minimal colours are perfect, paired with some relaxed comfy furnishings! Take a look at our selection of Sofas and Sofa Beds which can be personalised further with throws and cushions to suit your colour scheme and just add a touch more cosiness!

Classic and Timeless - Wooden furniture is making a comeback, and we welcome the timeless and classy atmosphere that it adds to a room! Never going out of style and it’s high quality material; our wooden furniture range is hugely popular for a statement look that lasts for years to come; perfect for handing down and sharing between children’s rooms as time goes by.


The number of options are endless, as long as your budget can cater for that! If you’re on a smaller budget, or know you will be upgrading in no time as your child’s style changes as they grow up - then we’ve got some great solutions! 

For style, convenience and being money savvy; kids furniture sets are a great option! Matching in style, the bundle is cost effective and you cover all bases! With bundles including everyone a room will need; with items including (but not limited to!) beds, wardrobes, desks and more!

Just measure up your space available, choose the items that are needed, decide on a style to suit your little one, then all that’s left to do is build it!  

Our wide range of furniture is super cost-effective and our prices are very competitive. Here’s why… we flatpack! Flattening our furniture means flattening our prices, as it costs us less to make, store and send! 

Take a look at the kids furniture sets that we have available here.


- Choose furniture that will last! Whether that’s in terms of quality, or if your child can grow with the furniture you have chosen; with careful consideration you can get the best value for money!

- Safety first! Depending on the age of your children, do you need to consider choosing furniture that has rounded corners or does not have drawers to avoid any trapped fingers!

- If you’ve stuck for space, consider the non-negotiable furniture, then look for storage and space saving items for those that are a must!

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