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5 Colour Trends To Uplift Your Mood In 2021

5 Colour Trends To Uplift Your Mood In 2021




If you’re planning on updating your interiors this year then you’re in the right place! There are lots of alluring colours to inspire your next home improvement project and uplift your mood in 2021. 

Spending more time at home recently means we’re focusing on improving our homes and changing interiors. The colour trends that we expect to take over in 2021 are inspired by the need to create peace in our homes and create a safe space that we feel good spending time in.

From fuss-free neutrals to brighter shades, get your paint brushes and interior design plans ready…


Uplift your room by welcoming the outdoors in and using rich green tones from the natural world. Whether you’re sprucing up a dull bedroom or giving your living areas a makeover, this powerful colour is known to evoke the benefits of the great outdoors. 

This colour works well in home offices to balance out the ‘artificial feeling’ of all of our technology. It provides the perfect setting to escape and helps the mind to focus and concentrate on tasks.

With soothing and peaceful properties, this hue is often found to be relaxing and uplifting in the same way as spending time in nature. 


Rustic colour palettes uplift us by encouraging us to unplug and be present in the moment. Think earthy beiges, natural clay greys and neutral hues; creating a soothing and nourishing atmosphere.

A rustic palette can help to create a unified look with your furnishings. It gives a variety of colour options for your bigger furniture items which usually have a variety of natural tones to choose from. This ensures that your home has a consistent ambient and relaxed atmosphere. At Dako Home, we provide a range of neutral coloured bedroom sets and living room sets to complete the rustic look. 

Creating a relaxed and inviting feel, it’s no surprise that rustic tones are set to be a popular colour trend of 2021.


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On a brighter note and continuing with the theme of nature, yellow tones are set to be a popular colour trend in 2021. The bright and radiant hue effortlessly lifts spirits and is a real mood booster. 

Yellow tones bring feelings of springtime and summer, which awaken our senses; bringing feelings of joy and optimism. In 2021, as we hope things will get brighter, yellow decor symbolises positivity, happiness and warmth. 

In a study of 4,342 people around the importance of colours in the home, Showers To You and Wellbeing Consultant Lee Chambers found that yellow decor can help to boost energy in the morning. Not only through wall paint, but also through the furniture and furnishings too.

Therefore, if you’re looking to inject a cheery burst of colour and energy into your home, then yellow is a really on-trend option this year. Our Yellow Zapphiro Armchair is great for adding a dash of colour as an accent piece to your living area.

4. Grounded Earthy Tones

Tones with a slightly warmer undertone are ideal for creating restful living spaces. Sage green, burnt orange and off white are all warm earthy tones set to be popular colours within homes during 2021.

Used alone or as contrast colours within a room on one wall or a piece of furniture, these hues include a subtle trace of tranquil. They allude to a fresh feeling due to their alikeness to colours found in nature. 

With Dulux’s Colour of 2021 announced as ‘Brave Heart’ - described as ‘a bolstering shade that connects us back to nature and the simple things’, it’s no surprise that these grounded tones are sure to make you feel relaxed and stable.


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Dusky pink and mulberry in particular look to be trending colours this year. Set to make a strong influence, pastel shades can create soothing and comforting feelings in a modern and unique way.

In the same way as the yellow tones, pastel colours can inject gentle optimism into our homes. They inject warmth and personality into the home, and can bring some vitality into the palettes of other colours used alongside them, like greys and monochrome.

With the ability to brighten up any dull or bland room, shades of pastel pinks and purples help to usher in a feel-good mood. Add in some hints of green and other contrasting tones, and they can look refreshing the whole year round. 


We would love to see the colours that you use in your home in 2021, so please tag us in your images on Facebook or Instagram.

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