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Wall panels / Shelves

Wall Panel / Shelves    

Wall panels and shelves are great way of filling the large gaps on your wall in a practical way for example placing a wall panel with DVDs above your TV is a great way of keeping them in reach and not having anything laying around. In our shop you will find many different designs of wall panels and shelves from simple one shelve, to a large wall panel with shelves, drawers and doors. 

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    Oak and White Graphite Wall Shelf

    Wall Shelf MEMONE MPOLKA Gold Oak+White/Graphite


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    Shelf OVIEDO 100


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    Shelf OVIEDO 135


    Regular Price: £39.00

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Almost every household has a TV these days. Usually we place it in the center of the living room, where the family gathers around, especially in the evenings. It’s a good idea to creatively incorporate it into the arrangement by use of a stylish wall TV panel. Our furniture allows to hide all kinds of cables and make perfect place for a decoder, DVD player or audio system. You can be sure that our wall TV panel was made with precision, using the best materials. We also took care of great aesthetics of all the furniture – our offer includes perfectly designed models from reliable manufacturers. Besides the TV, there a place on the shelf for a DVD collection, family photos, vacation souvenirs and anything else you like! Depending on the TV size, we have different panels to offer. There are hanging shelves, available in interesting forms, as well as functional bracket for plasma TVs. You can choose out of many suggestions – we have dark and light panels that fit styles like the classic, the modern, or e.g. rustic. Wall TV panel has to be hanged on a wall that is perpendicular to the TV screen – which makes the comfort of watching the highest. When preparing a place for the TV set, take the distance from viewer and mounting height into account. The center of the TV screen should be located at the eye level of those sitting on the couch. Hang the wall TV panel at the optimal height of 110 cm. Placing it higher has a negative impact on eyesight. We guarantee that our furniture is durable and resistant to rubbing. Match our panel to the furniture you already have at home, or just arrange the entire interior from the scratch! On a web page with the wall TV panel you’re considering, there are also suggestions for other furniture that will match it perfectly. The original design of our furniture will not only amaze you but all of your guests too. With us, you can make a great renovation of your houses’ interior! We offer you great quality and attractive prices. If you have any questions, we’re available at our helpline number.